The hotel is situated in a magnificent area 100 m from the beach, 1 km from the village
Theologos (west coast of Rhodes island) and 20 km from the city of Rhodes, the old city and
the harbor. The location is very close to the Valley of the Butterflies, only 6 km from the
airport and a few kilometers away from the ancient city of Kamiros.

Recommended Points of Interest:

• Butterfly Valley 6 km
• Ancient Kamiros 10 km
• Filerimos Ialysos 15 km
• Rhodes Town 20 km
• Rhodes old Town 20 km
• Lindos 50 km

Transport/Key Points of Interest:

• Theologos centre 1 km
• Public Bus station 200m
• Beach 100m
• Harbor 20 km
• Airport 6 km
• ATM 200 m


Theologos, also called Tholos, is a unique combination of a colorful traditional village and a not bustling resort. A sprinkling of shops, tavernas, bars and restaurants can be found around the hotels and apartments. Its beach can be breezy – an ideal place for windsurfers and kitesurfers. The traditional way of life is still widely practiced in the village itself, and you should expect a very warm welcome from the friendly people living there. You should not miss to visit the picturesque church of Agios Spiridonas, with it’s lovely white bell tower. The old centre of Tholos is built in traditional Rhodian style. With tall shuttered buildings and narrow streets, Tholos (Theologos) village in Rhodes is a delight to wander through. The area is ideal for long walks because of its natural beauty.


Stand still…A butterfly might touch you!
A unique nature reserve is to be found inland on Rhodes, “Butterfly Valley” (in Greek “Petaloúdes”). Apart from its aesthetic value, it is also the site of the only natural forest of Liquidambar orientalis (Oriental Sweetgum trees) in Europe, and a resting point for the Jersey tiger (Panaxia Quadripunctaria), a nocturnal moth. An excellent place for families with children who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature and examine the life cycle of butterflies as part of their summer holiday. You and your children will love the peaceful walk through the shaded, green valley with its small river and beautiful waterfalls. You are permanently surrounded by butterflies camouflaging themselves against the tree trunks as you walk up towards the monastery at the top, or rest for a while on one of the wooden benches along the way.


The huge pebbly beach is ideal for water sports (wind surfing, kite surfing etc) . On the beach there are schools renting the necessary equipment and provide guidance and information to those interested. The beach is organised with sun beds and umbrellas and has a canteen for a quick snack.